These Plastic Dog Shoes Look A Lot Like Crocs

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In the midst of what often feels like a constant stream of bad news and anxiety-inducing headlines, you might be looking for some solace, something purely funny and sweet to make you smile for one short moment. Well, we’re happy to report that the internet has delivered.

On TikTok — the home of all things fantastic if not absurd — the hashtags #dogcrocs and #dogsincrocs are racking up the hits, with 53.9 million and 32.3 million views, respectively. If you’re inclined to click, you’ll find a trove of images depicting fur-babies wearing miniature perforated PVC slippers that look strikingly similar to the ubiquitous Crocs for humans.


While these tiny, trendy slip-ons are not made by or affiliated with Crocs, the visual similarity has plenty of TikTok users invoking the brand’s name in posts. Offered in five colors and in one size (2.76 inches by 1.57 inches), these canine shoes are meant for mid-size and bigger dogs (definitely measure your pup’s paws before ordering a pair). They’re made from durable PVC material with an anti-slip base, and they come in pairs, so if you want kicks for all four legs, you need to double up.

While the product description claims they can be used for daily wear, we recommend keeping a watchful eye on your pup when they’re rocking their clogs. Lisa Lippman, a celebrity veterinarian director of virtual medicine at Bond Vet, a primary and urgent care for pets in New York City, Boston and Washington, D.C., suggests having your pup try on the shoes for short periods inside the house to see how they feel.


“They claim to have anti-slip properties so might be helpful, but otherwise, no hiking or long walks,” Lippman told HuffPost. “I’d def recommend them overall for cute moments and if you find your pet has less slippage in them, then they may have short use function as well.”

If you’re looking for similarly styled breathable doggy footwear that is designed to protect paws on walks, try WagWear’s Mojave shoe. “I love shoes that are fashion and function as long as they are comfortable and appropriate for a pet to wear,” Lippman said. “Shoes can be protective from the elements, like hot pavement, frostbite from snow [and] snow melt, which can be irritating.”

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