Misogynist Influencer Andrew Tate Removed From TikTok, Facebook And Instagram

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Andrew Tate, an influencer known for spreading extreme misogyny, can now add TikTok, Facebook and Instagram to the list of platforms that removed him from their services this week, NPR and Insider reported.

The former kickboxer was kicked off of the reality TV show, “Big Brother” in 2016 when a video surfaced appearing to show him attacking a woman. Twitter, where Tate declared women “must bare [sic] some responsibility” for being raped, removed several of his accounts between 2017 and this year.


But until recently, he was able to amass millions of views on other platforms, where he repeatedly made degrading and sexist comments about women.

The 35-year-old has at various times reportedly described gripping a woman “by the neck,” and promoted a version of masculinity that encouraged viewing women as property of their husbands ― a view that he says is not “really truly even controversial.” He has also claimed it’s easier to “make my imprint” on 18-year-olds because they have “been through less dick.”

Australian tabloid The Herald Sun reported that teachers believed Tate was to blame for the rise in sexist incidents they’ve seen among boys in their classes. A viral TikTok video made by an American woman who said she teaches sixth grade also recently warned of Tate’s influence on teen boys.

On social media, Tate portrays himself as a cigar-chomping playboy, showing off Bugatti cars while promising that he can teach followers how to get rich quickly through his website, Hustlers University. The site resembled a multi-level marketing scheme that sold “courses” for hundreds or thousands of dollars on topics including fitness, money management and lifestyle, and allowed followers to earn commissions for referring new members and spreading Tate’s videos on social media.


Tate’s site shut down part of its operations this week, The Guardian reported.

In Romania, where Tate lives, police raided his home earlier this year as part of a human trafficking investigation, according to The Daily Beast.

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